Blue Lapis Cooling Necklace
Blue Lapis Cooling Necklace

Blue Lapis Cooling Necklace

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They look great with jeans or an evening out. While each pearl is about the size of a quarter, the 18” length lies just below the collar bone, weighing only 3.3oz.

With an easy to use magnetic clasp, each light-weight patented pearl is filled with non-toxic gel like you’d find in an ice pack. Simply place the pearls in the freezer along with the gel-lined travel pouch for at least 4 hours. Depending on your environment, your pearls will stay cool on you for up to 30 minutes of cooling relief. 

Perfect for hot flashes, pregnancy, on the golf course, certain medical conditions, and general cooling.

If your pearls get dirty, simply wipe them with a soft cloth.

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