Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide

Summer vacation is on the horizon, but before we start to enjoy the longer, lazier days that summer has to offer, we need to take a moment and recognize our teachers. Teacher Appreciation Day (or week, depending on how your kid’s school rolls) is a time set aside to thank those overworked, underpaid professionals inspiring our children each day. So before that final school bell rings, here are some of the best ways to show your favorite teachers some love - Prep O style.

'Teachers Plant the Seeds' T-Shirt

Simply Southern T-Shirts

Everyone loves Simply Southern tee shirts. They are cute, comfy, and flattering. This adorable top is perfect paired with jeans for casual Fridays. It’s sweet message will remind your favorite teacher how much she means to her students.  

Lilly Pulitzer Laptop Sleeves

Lilly Pulitzer Laptop Sleeves

It's no secret that a teacher's workday lasts long after the final bell. Most teachers tote their laptops to and from school each day - so why not protect it in style? A Lilly Pulitzer tech sleeve will make any teacher smile and remind her of summer, even when inputting quiz grades late at night.  


Stainless Steel Tumblers by Corkcicle

Teachers rely on a combination of caffeine and proper hydration to make it through a long day shaping young minds.  And there is nothing less appealing than lukewarm water . . . except for cold coffee. So whether your teacher chooses to use this gorgeous tumbler to keep her coffee hot or her water cold, she will love the little bit of sparkle it adds to her day.  


Shower Bombs

Help your favorite teacher turn her daily shower into an aromatherapy experience. These shower bombs help congestion, relaxation, and migraines - all things teachers battle throughout the school year.  Each shower bomb lasts through a few showers, releasing essential oils into the air. The scent of the oils mixes with the steam, and creates a luxurious shower experience your overworked teacher will love.

Pineapple Bud Vases
Pineapple Vase

Add some fresh flowers to this adorable vase for a gift your teacher can enjoy at work and later at home. This adorable pineapple vase is the perfect way for your shining star to say “thank you for helping me grow this year.”

Teal Tote Bag

Tote Bags

We have shared a couple of items teachers can use to brighten their day when they go to work, but how about something they can use on their well deserved summer vacation? These adorable tote bags are perfect for the beach or pool,and make great travel bags. Toss in some sunscreen and a fun magazine and these totes are the perfect teacher gifts as they dream of the relaxing days on the horizon.

 Florida Salt Scrub

Florida Salt Scrub

Teachers work hard, and they deserve a little bit of pampering. When they can’t make it to the spa, this salt scrub is a little bit of luxury for day-to-day living. Recipients simply rub a spoonful on their hands, feet, or body for softer, smoother skin in seconds. The tropical scent of key lime, coconut, or coconut mango will make your favorite teacher feel like she is on an island vacation every day.

We know the end of the school year is hectic. There are a million special events, and us moms are done!  But the Prep O team makes it simple for you to show your appreciation to that A+ teacher on your list. Order today and scratch one more item off that to do list.  And maybe add a shower bomb for you - come summer vacation, you might need it!

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