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What??? You aren’t already a member of the Prep Obsessed Secret Shopping Society?  Well, if you found your way here, to this blog post, then you certainly should be. The Prep O Secret Shopping Society is the best way to see what’s new, to find out about restocks of popular items, or to get info on the latest Mystery Mailers. More importantly, by joining the Secret Shopping Society you will score the best deals on the items you really want. Here’s the low down -

Prep Obsessed Secret Shopping Society Facebook Group

The Prep Obsessed Secret Shopping Society is a closed Facebook group with over 10,000 members across the country, and even the world!  Only members can see what is posted there. This is important for two reasons. First, if you are not a member, you aren’t seeing all the great stuff Corey and Nina are posting. Secret Society Members find out about hot new products and promotions before other shoppers. Second, your husband or significant other cannot see the conversation. It’s a safe space, ladies!

The PrepO team has made it so easy ,almost too easy, to shop right from the Facebook page.  They post pictures and descriptions, you type “sold” and click to pay your invoice. It’s so easy, you can buy a dress in line at the grocery store.

One of our personal favorite things on the Secret Shopping Society page is when we host a “try on party.” The concept is simple - you comment, we try on and take pictures.  Want to see what a dress or tee looks like on an actual person? Ask Corey, Kimmie, or any Prep O team member, and we will try it on for you, because sometimes you just need to see it in real life.

The other members of the Secret Shopping Society are always willing to answer questions or give advice on sizing. They will tell you if items run big or small or true to size. And if you are unsure if you want to pull the trigger on a Mystery Mailer, someone will share the contents.  (Just don’t wait too long . . . Mystery Mailers often sell out fast). Fellow Prep O addicts share how they style and combine their favorite clothing and accessories. It’s kind of like having 10,000 stylists at your fingertip!.

So what are you waiting for? Click on over to the Prep Obsessed Secret Shopping Society page and join the party. We will see you there!

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