Beach Décor Ideas

When summertime rolls around, there is no place we would rather be than at the beach. It is virtually impossible to feel stressed with your feet in the sand, the endless ocean on the horizon, and the sound of the waves crashing.

While all beach vacations must eventually come to an end, that feeling of peace and serenity you get by the sea doesn’t have to. Coastal décor can transform your home into a seaside-inspired sanctuary and help you enjoy that feeling of tranquility year-round.

This home decorating guide highlights our favorite beach décor ideas that you can incorporate in your own living space. Keep reading for coastal color palettes, decorative accents, styling tips, and other inspiration to help you bring the beach into your home.

Soft Sandy Hues

Coastal landscapes are known for their soothing shades of cream, white, tan, and gray. When decorating your home with beach themed décor, incorporating these soft neutral tones is key to nailing that calm coastal vibe. Think cozy gray or cream blankets draped effortlessly over the back of the couch or the foot of the bed, and sun-bleached white décor like this charming beaded frame. White curtains and linens will keep your room feeling airy, breezy, and relaxed. 

Small Beaded White Picture Frames


Shades of Blue

You can’t have beach décor without the color blue. That said, there is a lot of room to get creative with the shade and tone of blue used in your color scheme. Do you prefer bright turquoise inspired by the Caribbean sea, the soft frosted blue-green color of seaglass, or deep nautical navy? How about the calm, muted gray-blue color of the sea on a rainy day? Decorative blue pieces — like this  teal glazed planter will add a refreshing pop of color to your crisp whites and warm neutral tones.

Teal Glazed Planter with Succulent

 Wooden Accents

From boardwalks and fishing docks to driftwood and oars, wood is a natural part of any seaside landscape. The best wood for your nautical décor will tend to be light in color, and even distressed or weathered to give it the appearance of having been washed ashore. Display this “Welcome” tray with distressed wooden slats on your entry table, or use it as a serving tray to make guests feel right at home. These mango wood candlesticks strike the right balance of coastal and elegant; set them on your dining table or console table.


Hand-Crafted Mango Wood Candlesticks


Natural Textures

Rattan, bamboo, jute, driftwood, and other natural textures will add authenticity and visual appeal to your beach home décor. A rattan coffee table or accent chair is a fun and stylish way to give your house that coastal feel, but small details can go a long way as well. This set of rattan napkin rings would look so gorgeous on a dining table with a long runner, some taper candles, and bamboo rim plates. Another home décor trend we have been loving is displaying straw hats on the wall as a beachy-boho accent piece.


Beat Jars with Wooden Embellishments


Ocean’s Treasures

Decorating with shells, coral, and starfish is one of our favorite coastal décor ideas. The options are endless: fill a glass vase with an assortment of shells to use as a candle holder; use a large piece of coral as a table centerpiece; or display a grouping of seashells and starfish on your mantel. A beautiful Abalone shell paired with a California White Sage Bundle is a wonderful way to cleanse a new or existing space!


Abalone Shell with White Sage


Tropical Touch

For beach décor that skews more tropical, opt for vibrant motifs like palm leaves, flamingos, pineapples, toucans, and hibiscus flowers. We especially love incorporating pineapples into our beach kitchen décor, since the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. These pastel pineapple vases with distressed gold detailing will instantly brighten up any room. Add whimsical retro vibes to your kitchen with our kitchen towels. And how sweet is this pink flamingo mini by Nora Fleming?

Pastel Pineapple Shaped Vases

We hope these beachy, coastal, tropical, and nautical décor ideas have given you some inspiration for styling your own beach house décor. Happy decorating!

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