Unicorn Drink Floats - Set of 2

Product Description

Don’t let your drink sink!

Imagine this: you’re 4 songs into your Summer Jamz 2011™ playlist. You’re floating in the pool but the sun is relentless—the thirst for that frozen drink you slaved over 30 minutes ago is intense. You reach over, and in a moment of absolute horror, realize it’s nowhere to be found. You grab your phone. Do you dial 9-1-1? 4-1-1? Do you just throw it in the deep end? THIS IS NOT A DRILL! 

But you can relax—we gotchu fam. Just inflate one of our Unicorn Beverage Boats! They keep any standard size drink afloat so you can relax—uninterrupted—without having to get out of your badass lounge pose just for a sip. Even better, each package contains 2 Beverage Boats so you and a bud can soak up the summer (ok ok—you can use the 2nd for a backup drank).

    • keeps your drink afloat in the pool or hot tub
    • sold as a 2-pack
    • inflates fast, and is easy to clean
    • great for the pool, parties, and more

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