'Sol Amazing' Flakie Topper Nail Polish

Product Description
The sun is remarkable. It helps nature grow, warms the earth, and lights up the sky. Those radiant beams of light also help to create rainbows! Sunlight refracting though prisms, reflecting rainbows after a rain to color the sky, or causing snow to sparkle like glitter, without the sun, life would be a lot less colorful! Sol Amazing is a celebration of rainbows. Thin flakes in a clear base easily shift to show off shades of red, orange, gold, green, and, at extreme angles, aqua. These incredible flakes are best worn over darker colors but will add a pop to any manicure. Love the flakes in Sol Blue or in our Endless Summer collection? These are it! One coat will easily give you ample flake coverage and two coats will really show off the full shift.