PrepO Girl Gang Insider

Product Description

Your PrepO Girl Gang Insider Membership is renewable annually and includes: 

- Free Economy Shipping (fb, app and website!) for 365 days: One day a week, one address, you pick the day you want us to ship your orders! 
- One free Priority Mail Upgrade annually - any day of the week (Monday-Friday), just let us know you need it!
- Birthday Gift or Holiday Gift, your choice! (Birthday gift mailed during your birth month, not necessarily delivering on your birthday)
- Personalized early notification of products you love. (Love our store exclusive brands? We do too! Receive email notification of new arrivals for brands you love before they hit the shelves so you don't ever miss out again!)

There is no subscription, pay once and choose if you want to sign up again next year (we'll reach out 30 days before your subscription expires). 

Look for an email next week with a survey so you can tell us what you love! 

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