Pixie Pack - Assorted Lip Balms

Product Description
Perfectly packaged flavors of Strawberry (pink), Grape (purple), Bubblegum (blue) & Lemon Lime (green) provide a slight & tasteful shimmer for the lips (but no worries, the color doesn't transfer). Each stick contains a perfect blend of Squalane Oil derived from the olive (a quickly absorbed oil known for being extremely healing), Apricot Kernel & Coconut Oils & Cocoa Butter (all known for healing & moisturizing), Castor Oil (provides a nice slip), Beeswax, a touch of Vitamin E & flavored with 100% natural flavoring.100% natural mica gives these pucker sticks a little magical color & shimmer.
  • Travel Friendly
  • 100% natural
  • Four .15 oz. twist-up tubes