Monthly Mystery Mailer Subscription

Monthly Mystery Mailer Subscription

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For years, customers have asked us for a monthly Mystery Mailer subscription so they’ll never miss out a mailbox surprise…we’re THRILLED to announce the time has come! A monthly cozy graphic tee delivered to your door…but we’re PrepO so you know there must be more! The Mystery Mailers you know and love aren’t going anywhere - think of this as a monthly bonus that will knock your socks off!

Your Monthly Mystery Mailer will ship free and include a cozy graphic tee, a well paired accessory, and a surprise bonus item. Subscription Mystery Mailer customers will also get advanced notice for select sales, advanced notice for predicted sell-out Mailers, and receive special offers and promotions.

If you’re a diehard PrepO customer you don’t want to miss this subscription! 

The nitty gritty:

  • Tees will feature never before seen designs that will not release in other mailers
  • Monthly Mystery Mailers ship around the 20th of every month
  • You will be charged monthly on the 15th 
  • The cutoff for the current month’s mailer is the 1st of the month (ex: if you checkout on September 2, you will receive the mailer for October)
  • While you are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time - sales are final and returns will not be accepted. (Due to the limited availability of these items will surely be hot sellers in our Buy Sell Trade Group). Cancellation after the 15th will not result in a refund and that month's mailer will still ship. 
  • Discounts, promotions, and points codes do not apply
  • Depending on ship date, Insiders may ship separately from their weekly/monthly insider shipment

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