Mama's Secrets Cookies - 4 oz bag

Product Description

Here's the deal. We don't usually carry food items, but when we're at market shopping for great pieces to feature on Prep Obsessed sometimes we get hungry and head on down to the gourmet floor. That's when we happened to sample Mama's Secret Cookies. When we tell you they're the best cookies we've ever eaten it is NOT an exaggeration. We ordered a case before we finished chewing and we know you'll share our obsession. Trust us on this one: best cookies ever.

Made from scratch, hand pinched and rolled, andåÊpowdered with love! åÊThese delicious, melt in your mouth treats are made with only the best ingredients and are perfect for any occasion! åÊ

Ingredients: Flour, Niacin, Iron, Thiamin, Butter, Sugar, Pecans, Vanilla Flavor, Salt