'Fully Booked' Nail Polish

Product Description

For many, the love of reading started with those thin paper flyers sent home in elementary school. We loved poring over those colorful pages, circling stories we longed to know, and driving our parents bonkers asking for money to shop for them in person (with a little extra cash for a bookmark or shaped eraser)! Later in life, many of us collected books, making sure we always had something on hand to read. Now, whether curling up among the stacks after finding the newest novel, hunting for dusty classics among the tomes, or downloading new faves to an e-reader, getting lost in the written word is the perfect way to spend a lazy autumn day. Fully Booked is a nod to those classically colored novels of days gone by. This rich olive-green hue is loaded with linear holo pigment. Perfect in 2 coats, this color shows off its flair best in bright lighting.