Body Buff Sugar Scrub - Choice of Scent

Product Description

Body Buff will exfoliate your skin & leave behind a nice light lotion'y feel (not oily, greasy or gunky). 88% Natural Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free in 4 oz. jar!

To Use: Take a small dollop (a dime-size for the hands) & exfoliate the skin. Vary your pressure depending on how much exfoliation you need. Add a little bit of water to the skin (just a little, we are a 2-step rinse kind of people) & scrub some more. This is when the magic happens & the scrub turns into lotion. Rinse away any excess lotion & any granuales that are left. Pat dry. Repeat once a week or when needed. Body Buffs are a blend of Sugar, Shea Butter, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil along with a blend of vegetable based Emulsyfying Wax, Fragrance & a Paraben-Free Preservative.

  • Blue Hawaiian- Smells like summertime & Hawaiian tropics. You'll pick up on the scents of a little rum, coconut, cherry, pineapple... in other words a luau in the bathroom. 
  • Coconut Mango - Beachy, but not cheesy beachy. There's just enough coconut to tone down the zing of the mango but not enough to overpower the blend
  • Cabernet - A lovely bouquet of berries and oak. A full-bodied scent with good varietal character and power.