2-in-1 SPF Face Lotion by Duke Cannon

2-in-1 SPF Face Lotion by Duke Cannon

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Every damn day, people look at your face. So it’s best to take care of it, every damn day. Duke Cannon’s Standard Issue 2-in-1 SPF Face Lotion helps you increase your face value for the present and future.

  • Short term, it provides superior hydration and reduces excess oil and shine.
  • Long term, the broad spectrum SPF 30 provides daily sun defense without that nasty sunscreen smell so you don’t prematurely look like a Star Wars villain before you retire. Put your best face forward and use this every damn day.
  • Every Day Reasons Why: To look good: UVB and UVA rays age you faster than a fine cheese left in a hot car Cancer sucks: 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer, affecting 2x more men than women Clouds and houses don’t help: UV rays penetrate clouds and windows
  • Provides superior hydration SPF 30 delivers daily sun defense without the chemical smell of sunscreen
  • No greasy residue and shine-free finish
  • Scent: Very light citrus with hints of eucalyptus

Made in United States of America

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