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Float n' Tote Foldable Pool Hammock

Regular price $34.99

Floating Hammock and Beach Tote!

This all-in-one float n' tote is the perfect beach, boat, or pool accessory that combines a comfortable inflatable hammock that is also designed to be a tote when you are ready to pack up your accessories and head home.

The hammock quickly folds up and transforms into a stylish beach bag with the velcro back and snaps that clasp to keep all of your beach towels, beverage bobber drink floats, tumblers, sandals, sunglasses, sun screen, and other essentials secure.

Float how you choose! The Float n' Tote can be used as a hammock, or a floating saddle depending on your preference.

Clip to your beverage! Never lose your drink again with 4 clasping locations for your beverage bobber floating drink holder.

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