In the Know with PrepO — gift ideas


Graduation Gift Guide 0

Graduation season is upon us - that time of year when we watch our nearest and dearest toss their caps in the air and then prepare to start the next exciting chapter of their lives. Wondering what to give a your favorite teenager headed off to college? How about a new college graduate about to enter the “real world.” Prep Obsessed has gifts available at every price point for every grad in your life. Earn your degree in incredible gift giving using these suggestions from the Prep O team!

Engagement Gift Guide 0

Wedding season is upon us, and even before the wedding, there will be many, many, many opportunities to shower your special love birds with gifts. Whether you are invited to an engagement party, a bridal shower, or a bachelorette bash, the PrepO girls have your back when it comes to finding unique gifts your bride will love. 


Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide 0

Summer vacation is on the horizon, but before we start to enjoy the longer, lazier days that summer has to offer, we need to take a moment and recognize our teachers. Teacher Appreciation Day (or week, depending on how your kid’s school rolls) is a time set aside to thank those overworked, underpaid professionals inspiring our children each day. So before that final school bell rings, here are some of the best ways to show your favorite teachers some love - PrepO style.